Fitness Blog – Ideas to Improve Your Performance 2


In this small series on ideas to improve your performance I want to make it clear that I am not aiming it at the top sports performers, although they may get something out of it, but anyone who wants to achieve a certain goal in their fitness program.

As I mentioned in the first of this series and other blogs that I have written in the past, you need to look at many factors which makes up your total performance – or ‘package of performance’. So here are two other ideas –

The picture above depicts a pair of training partners working out together. I purposely put a picture of both sexes as traditionally you would think in terms of working out with a person of the same sex. Of course in competitive weight lifting, in my day there were only males competing in that sport but I did workout with a woman for a year who was training for the World Championships in Powerlifting – which she subsequently won in her weight division. I have also worked out with my wife, which was a different level altogether – but just as enjoyable. There I think is the key to an ideal training partnership: enjoyment. But to cover myself I would like to add that it should be a ‘symbiotic’ relationship in that you both should gain something positive from it. Enjoyment means that you have similar goals and even though you may be at different levels, you can help and encourage each other.

Having said this, I have exercised on weights for over 50 years and have preferred to work out mostly by myself and have no problems in reaching certain goals because set myself specific goals and have problems in pushing for these goals. The key to that concept is to be present while working out so that you can concentrate on what you are doing by putting the rest of your life to side for that time. It sounds easy to say but it takes willpower and practice. Maybe it is in my personality to be able to do this and most people I would think get more out of working out with a partner as it is an individual thing?

Something that I touched on in a previous blog and therefore may have gone under your radar is that you should always think that you are worth making the effort on. And it not just effort you should be aiming at but putting thought and research on what you are doing. You need that background information to also understand as to why you are doing it  and without this information you will not reach your potential (in anything you do in life?)

Marsia Peer, a great expert on motivating people from all walks of life says you should write down (on your bathroom mirror) just three words – ‘I am enough’ as she sees this as the biggest roadblock to success? I agree 100% with this concept and I leave you contemplating that thought!

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