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I purposely put the photo above of an Asian woman drinking milk because they cannot absorb lactose… so why do we see these photos seemingly depicting milk being good for you, including Asian people?

On a recent trip back to New Zealand I was horrified that there is a far greater range of milk in the supermarkets in an attempt to sell more of the product locally because ALL adults cannot absorb milk and some medical sources are concerned that it’s consumption is the cause of some cancers?

Let’s have a look at some facts. Firstly cow milk is designed for calves, not humans. We still know very little about milk and its effect on our health.

Humans have been only drinking cow milk for 10,000 years when there was a migration from Africa into northern areas of the world and there was not enough food for the migrants, so they started drinking milk. Originally many people died but slowly there was a mutation in DNA so that a percentage could absorb milk sugar (lactose) – this took place about 7,500 years ago. During the Roman Empire Era milk was used as a laxative because it bloats the bowel. Still today only one third of the world’s population can absorb lactose and all black people as well as Asians cannot absorb it!

Not all European babies can absorb lactose either. The best form of milk for infants is obviously Mother’s Milk and some form of milk can be absorbed by a young person up to the age of between 7 – 10 years.

If people are concerned that they will not get the required amount of calcium if they don’t drink milk please understand that the best foods to obtain this essential mineral are some herbs, broccoli and almonds. The calcium can only be absorbed by the body from these foods if taken with the conjunction of Vitamin D …from the Sun. (An important fact to know if you live in a climate that does not have a lot of Sunlight is that Vitamin D can be attained from fish and fat.)

So, a ‘take home’ message is that adults do not need milk in their diets for any reason and if you must give your children cow milk, choose only the whole milk variety. Giving your children this milk will not make them fatter either as there has been a study done where it was found that children who drank whole milk were leaner as compared with children who drank the low fat variety. Even better is consuming milk as Kephir as the lactose has already been absorbed by the bacteria within this food?

So what other problems in drinking cow milk? Some people have allergies from milk protein (cassine) such as Asthma and other lung problems. There has been some investigation into the high incidence of prostate cancer as related to milk consumption. Some low grade bowel complaints have been attributed to milk.

Milk is a very highly processed food and any such food is not natural, so cannot be good for your health?

5 thoughts on “Health Blog – Healthy Aging – Milk?

  1. Interesting blog on a topic that is largely ignored. Both the Maori and Pacific island communities here in New zealand have a high lactose intolerance due to these populations becoming introduced to cows milk only recently in historic terms. It has been suggested by geneticists that these populations may lack the enzymes required to break down the milk sugars etc as cows milk was not (historically) part of their diet. Lactose intolerance often shows itself in their children by ongoing ear, nose, and throat problems as well as asthma and recurrent chest infections. We, like most european countries, seem to think that we can just throw antibiotics / grommets/ steriods etc at the problem and these children will ‘grow’ through it. They don’t of course, but we send them off to school partially deaf with burst eardrums, or breathing what little oxygen they can get into their wee lungs and wonder why they don’t do well scholastically. Sad I think.


    1. Hi Vanda,

      Thank you for your feedback. I thought that I had answered you yesterday but we had a power cut, so my answer didn’t go through. All I try to do is educate people, as long as my material has some scientific basis behind it, it is a chance to put it out to people. I do care, but unless people take on the information, we can’t do much more about it.

      I understand about the problems that Maori and Polynesian people have with Milk, but there are so many other very highly processed foods on the market today, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I have been reading some very interesting material about the incidence of cancers and other diseases due to the lack of essential trace elements in our fresh foods…sorry, could write a lot about it, but the twice weekly blog is all I can do at the moment.

      Thanks again and regards, Graham


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