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The picture above showing calluses on a hand gave me one of the ideas for this small series of posts in that a friend posted a picture of his hands showing the wear and tear his hands were taking from heavy duty weight training.

It was one of the problems we faced when I competed in Olympic Weightlifting was the calluses used to build up until we would tear the skin off the palm of the hand from where the calluses mostly formed at the base of the fingers to the middle of the palm. Although painful the main problem was that it affected gripping the bar effectively, and this is the point I want to make.

Some of the Lifters used to use a razor blade to cut their calluses down in an attempt to prevent the tearing of the skin. I tried this, but there was a chance that you could cut yourself, causing a worse problem because of the greater chance of infection. In the end I took notice of what my wife said  to use a callus sponge she used to smooth down the skin down on the heels of her feet. I did this at the end of a shower when the skin was soft and used soap to get a more even effect. This prevented this tearing of the skin and even better, there was a greater effect in that my grip was tighter.

I have talked about the whole package of performance before but I want to emphasize that you should keep an eye on the whole picture if you want to improve your performance in any way. Eating correctly (and it is worth the time to do some thorough research on this to where you can sort out the actual facts on this topic); rest and sleep effectively (and there is a lot of science behind this topic); and do some study on the correct way of thinking, including staying healthy.( I have talked about this topic in my health posts as we are taught many facts in life, but not the skill of effective thinking?)

There are many other specific factors on this holistic way of improving your performance, but as I stated earlier in this post – if possible open your mind so that you can look at even this simple idea of controlling the amount of build of skin on your palms to improve your grip – which effects your performance…

This idea can relate to runners when ensuring that there is not the same build up of skin on their feet…or any other sport where there is a build up of calluses of different parts of the body. It is a natural way for the body to adapt after all?

This is only the start of a small series of posts looking at very specific ideas that are generally overlooked to help you improve your performance…

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