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This is only a short blog and I will not post my next one for a couple of weeks.

I have written on this subject once before when I looked at it from a certain perspective. I mentioned about the horrific statistic of only 2% of people who go on a weight loss program being able to maintain their weight loss for more than two years.

So let’s look at it from the point of view of people struggling to maintain their healthy weight level as they age. Let me state categorically that using the excuse that it is age, or change of life for women is not valid. Yes, our internal biological clock slows down as we get older and when the children leave home there is more money spend on food, but we eat far too much these days anyway. I remember when I started my career all those years ago that the average calorie intake for a man was about 2000 per day and for a woman it was 1700. But that statistic has ballooned out way beyond that in this day and age. And as waists are expanding, so is the tolerance levels of what is acceptable increasing. And this increase also is happening in the so called ‘modern’ diseases?

Numbers are not as important as how a person feels anyway?

So let’s go through this again. A habit of action is run by a habit of thought…so change the habit of thought if your habit of action is to overeat. ( e.g. As we get older we need to eat less). As I have said before, we instinctively will take the easiest and shortest way possible to achieve a goal and for weight loss a big percentage of people will try weight loss pills etc. These methods just suppress your habit of overeating and they are damaging to your health! Diets are just as bad and they don’t solve the issue – overeating? So the easiest, shortest ways are generally not the best.

The key change in mind set that needs to take place is in a person’s relationship with food…in that they need to become indifferent to it. When we were very young we had normal thoughts about eating. – we’d eat when we were hungry and we didn’t have to eat something at a specific time and place. But this natural way of eating was conditioned out of us through the habits pushed on us by our parents. Imagine how liberating it would be if we could regress to those thoughts that were indifferent to food?

Coupled with this way of thinking when we fed on our mother’s milk we gained the affinity with fatty, creamy food that made us feel satisfied…so this is the type of food that gives us comfort. This is the type of food that people go for if they use food to feel comfortable or loved and we become addicted to that feeling.

This is only a very simplistic view point as far as why we overeat but knowledge is power. Once we have a better knowledge of why, we need to put this knowledge into practice if we truly desire to know something?

People over the years have used acupuncture and hypnosis to change their habits of thought. There are other methods such as creative imagery and meditation to change, but for most people these methods aren’t fast enough…but they DO work. Whatever works for the individual is the ‘right’ method?

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