Health Blog – Positive Aging – Importance of Nutients


Just a few facts – We need over 90 nutrients for balanced daily functions and our modern diets don’t give us all that we need. These 90 nutrients are made up of over 60 minerals, 16 vitamins and 12 amino acids and none of these are made by our bodies. The lack of them is the main reason as of all diseases because the minerals we require are the basis of all our bodily processes. Without minerals the body cannot absorb vitamins. Vitamins and minerals work together. These nutrients are absorbed during sleep and this is one of the reasons why sleep is so important.

Even if we try to eat a balanced diet –  which has a great deal of variety in the correct proportions, we still do not get enough for balanced daily functions because there is a depleted supply in many countries. As I have said in a past blog it is because of the agricultural methods that are the main cause of this depletion.

I will not go into what foods we need to cover our needs as this can be sourced from other Internet Sites but understand what foods give you the different nutrients we need. And as I have said before, have a close look at how your food is produced and also how you prepare it as a lot of nutrients are lost in production and preparation.

This all being understood, what I would like to cover mainly in this blog is that you understand the importance of having a high alkaline level in the body because a high alkaline level stunts cancer growth. We all have cancerous cells growing in our bodies since birth and, as I have said before, if our immune system is not functioning correctly this will cause cancer cells to develop beyond the normal levels. We cannot ‘purify’ our immune system, but we can support it by ensuring that we have an adequate supply of nutrients and eat a diet that increases our alkaline levels.

Fruit and other alkaline foods fix the DNA to correct the root cause of ill health, including cancer. Radiation treatment and Chemotherapy remove important minerals, therefore it is most important that patients ensure that they are getting an adequate supply at a level that compensates for this.

Just a word of caution here – that pH is only an indicator, not a goal to reach and for cancer patients in particular, to keep away from ALL processed foods because their synthetic ingredients are toxic to the body. These foods also decrease the pH (alkaline) levels and their  immune systems are compromised during treatments. They would be best to keep away from alcohol as it dissolves the lipid layers of cells. They should also understand that overeating the B vitamins accelerates cancer growth.

In summing it up – understand that you need the full range of nutrients for normal bodily functions. That the lack of minerals and other nutrients are the cause of all disease and to eat mostly high alkaline foods. Lastly an extra fact – persimmons are an excellent addition to the diet for women with breast cancer as they have the ingredients that retard this form of cancer.

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