Health Blog – Positive Aging – Know your Vitamins


As I said last week, this is not one of those glamorous subjects, but is vital to understand if you desire great health. And as I have also stated before, Cancer is not a disease but a symptom that the immune system is not functioning correctly and that the body needs all 90 trace elements to function normally. So if the body is not getting some of these it will switch on any predisposition to ANY disease.

Think of variety in the correct balance when it comes to eating to obtain the optimum out of trace elements – and here I include minerals as well.

So continuing with the subject of vitamins –

50% of the population don’t get enough of vitamins B and D. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, so a 20 minute walk in the sunlight will give you your daily needs for this vitamin. If you don’t obtain enough of this vitamin it will cause poor vision, brittle bones and low energy levels. Soy products totally destroy vitamin D.

You get your vitamin Bs from protein but ensure you are getting enough to offset any destruction of some of them by your consumption of other foods. For example, mushrooms and walnuts kill vitamin B3 and spinach and raw fish kill vitamin B1.

Think on overdosing in vitamins too. Quite often people such as bodybuilders take 90 times more than the body actually needs for normal function and after a month of this sort of regime will cause the body to stop absorbing vitamins from food!

Large doses of vitamin C can alter the normal functioning of your heart and as I said last week, large doses of vitamin A will increase your risk of lung cancer. Large doses of vitamin E will cause bleeding and added to this, large doses of this vitamin and vitamin C will add to the risk of cell mutations! With overdosing on vitamin D3 it will literally poison your body. Again, think of balance as too much is just as dangerous to your health as too little.

Also check to see how what you consider as healthy foods are produced. If the fruits and vegetables you consume are genetically modified or are hydroponically grown they will lack in vitamins you think you’re getting from them.

Variety in the consumption of foods is essential in obtaining your correct daily needs of vitamins as they work in concert, together not separately. And if you want to get the most out of the vegetables you have in salads for instance, ensure you eat them straight away after preparing it as all vitamins are destroyed with 6 hours after preparation…so if you buy your prepared salad from a supermarket? If your vegetable salads are made of boiled vegetables, as in some Eastern European dishes, you have a little more time to consume them before they lose all their vitamins. But to get the most from vegetable dishes, eat them as soon as possible after preparation.

I have only touched on some ideas about vitamins, just to give you an idea on certain considerations you need to make in gaining your daily needs.

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