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Some of the following nutrition facts you may know, some you won’t. Information about nutrition can be confusing so look to where the source of the information comes from…

Can you drink when you eat because it has been thought in recent years that if you drink water while eating, it dilutes your stomach acid and therefore compromises digestion?

The answer is that you would have to drink at least 5 liters of water to affect your stomach acid by any significant amount, which is not common…one would think, so yes you can. Another technical fact is that fluid travels through your stomach by the short route so doesn’t affect the digestion of solid food.

Common table salt is made up of one third salt, one third sand and one third glass! So keep away from this highly processed product! Your body needs salt for everyday functions, so the best salt to use is Himalayan salt or sea salt.

If you want to reach and maintain a healthy weight for your body type for the rest of your life cut out all sugar and white flour. Both products are very highly processed.

Some nutritional experts say that you should keep away from grain foods such as Whole Wheat, Barley, Rye and Oats. The main reason they say this is that these plants cannot absorb the minerals important for normal bodily functions because of the modern agricultural methods such as using pesticides. These pesticides kill off the bacteria that plants use to absorb these essential minerals. So if you want more energy throughout your day, keep away from a breakfast out of a box and have a protein and vegetable breakfast?

If your diet is mostly made up of fruits and vegetables, but you still have trouble maintaining a healthy weight, cut down on the grain foods you eat (as explained above), and do not have any more than two or three pieces of fruit a day. Have these at the beginning of your day as they best digested then. Also, if you are having fruit juices realize that a small glass of orange juice, for example has the sugar of ten oranges. So stick with drinking water, and have filtered water if you can because it better for hydration and tastes better! Most people are dehydrated so ensure you drink enough – two liters per day is about right.

Some nutrition scientists say that all diseases can be traced back to not  having the full range of the ninety minerals that they body needs for normal function?

Cut out all processed food if you want a healthy lifestyle. Read the labels on the packets of food you purchase. Know exactly what you’re eating because a lot of this packaged food has been chemically enhanced…not good for your health! Stick with fresh food that has not been Genetically Modified.

Question everything and be informed.


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