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I have covered a couple of the following facts before, but they are worth repeating although others may be new to you.

Our body nearly completely replaces itself within one year (99%) and this fact is worth considering as our body should be seen as a process in progress and nothing is stable: to change your body you have to change your mind.

There are NO genetically-based diseases and even two that were thought to be such, Cystic Fibrosis and Muscular Dystrophy, are in fact a lack of Salenium in the soil (enough of it in pregnancy with the first and generally with the second!) That certain diseases are familial is understood but caused by a similar lifestyle is these cases that may switch on a series of genes – so genes are not the control!

Because of the overuse of antibiotics they are now ineffective in dealing with the ‘newer’ viruses and their overuse has also compromised our immune system – so with the dramatic increase in the incidence of Tuberculosis (which was almost completed erradicated a number of years ago and is now at epidemic proportions) there is NO CURE of this lethal disease: some ‘cancer’ misdiagnoses are actually Tuberculosis!

Some top medical sources are now saying that vaccines are a waste of time(and money) and a ‘shot in the dark’ which can have catastrophic side effects – and this includes the huge increase in the incidence of Autism in children in the US : if your immune system has not been compromised by overuse of antibiotics let it cope by itself with the common colds and flues children get as it is a far safer option?

Cancer is not a disease but a symptom that the immune system is out of balance and the incidence of cancer has increased dramatically in Western countries because of the overuse of antibiotics and the consumption of highly processed foods whereas in the less advanced populations it either doesn’t exist or hardly exists.

Most Vitamin supplements are a complete waste of money in that the body cannot absorb these chemically produced products – so best to stick to a whole range of real foods made by nature that will give you all the nutrients your body needs?

You don’t need drugs to control your blood pressure: start controlling it by drinking plenty of pure water (no additives) as most people are dehydrated which thickens the blood, which in turn pushes up the blood pressure.

We have been pushed to drink plenty of milk because it helps in strengthening the bones by providing calcium but the body needs a total of eleven minerals to maintain bone health and milk does not provide this – and because it is highly processed a lot of nutrients are processed out of it. A fact that in a country such as New Zealand, where the consumption of milk is particularly high, the incidence of osteoporosis is the highest in the world?

Of the people who have heart attacks the ones who are most likely to survive them are those who feel loved and this is not dependent upon the severity of the event!

I will cover more topic-oriented health facts next week…

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