Fitness Blog – One Exercise Workouts


Many people create excuses to not exercise but just as many are in ‘Old Folks’ homes well before their time! The body gives up well before the mind does and maintaining both is the ‘secret’ to longevity…

So let’s first look at the excuses they use…

Not enough time? Time expands to take on whatever you think you need to do – so no excuse there.

Can’t afford the gym fees? But you can get an effective workout exercising at home with little or no extra resistance other than body weight – so not a viable excuse either.

No energy to exercise? But you can exercise for ten minutes before your evening shower after work and add to that making healthier food choices and effective ways for dealing with stress – so a better lifestyle  kicks this one into touch as well.

There are a great variety of exercise combinations you can choose from but if there was one exercise I would do above all others, it would be the Turkish Get Up (picture above shows one part of it) and you can find my own explanation of it in an earlier post. Another exercise would be one of the many variations of the Renegade Crawl. And for variety then you could add the many combinations of exercises using the Burpee exercise as a base. Below I give a few combinations of this exercise to give you an idea – but you add imagination then other versions would be almost limitless…

For all three variations I have listed below, start standing while holding a pair of Dumbbells with straight arms at your sides.

Forward Swing to Squat/ Thrust Back (with feet)/ Press Up (holding Dumbbells)/one Arm Dumbbell Row (with each hand)/Thrust Forward (with feet)/ Power Squat.

Upright Row (with Dumbbells)/ Dumbbell Press/Squat/ Thrust Back/ One Arm Row (walking forward with that arm and the diagonally opposite leg x 3 each)/ Thrust Forward/ Power Split Jump (3 x each leg).

Full Lateral Dumbbell Raise (touch Dumbbells overhead)/ Reverse movement/ Squat / Thrust Back (with only one foot at a time – alternating thrust backs with each foot x 3 each foot)/ Press Up x 3/ Stiff Knee Jumps x 3.

Do three – four sets of 6 – 12 repetitions using these combinations or any other alternatives you can think of. You can make it easier by using less exercise combinations or harder by having less rest between sets of exercises or by adding more sets. Don’t use too many exercises in your combinations as this gets too tough (and hard to remember?)

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