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In this series of 3 – 4 blogs are important health facts that are essential to know if you want to attain great health for you and your family. I will keep them to one-sentence per fact to only make a statement of fact that I know have been scientifically proven – but you may not have known about before. If you want to verify these, then you should do your own research, but please use three to five sources if you do and check to where your source material comes from!

First I will cover ten things you should do to clear your mind to keep it as open-minded as possible…

  1. Connect with everything and everyone and see yourself as part of a complete biosphere.
  2. Develop complete self-acceptance and self-love because the only thing that we have complete control of is our own state of mind and as to whether we see your world as positive or negative is our own choice to make.
  3. Get rid of any regret about what you did in the past as today is a new day to move forward in your life.
  4. And rid yourself of any resentment you still harbour about a situation or a person because by not doing so, it or they still have a hold over you if you want complete control of your own life.
  5. And if you want control of your life you must practice the skill of being the ‘observer’ of all thought and this is a skill that is worth practicing.
  6. In practicing this skill, keep on asking yourself as to whether the thoughts you have either take you towards or away from your life goals.
  7. Be aware that 90% of the thoughts we have today are the same thoughts we had yesterday and the same thoughts that we will have tomorrow and to change this we must learn to live ‘outside our own story’ because it is based on assumptions we have learnt to believe from other people’s thoughts or our own experiences in our past. (Read this sentence a few times through to ensure that it sinks in!)
  8. Also be aware that 70% of our thoughts are negative and this must be changed if we want to attain perfect health.
  9. Practice being grateful of what you have at present, and it is not important from where we start from, even if it is from the lowest common denominator of being alive because from this foundation do we grow to where we desire to be. (The present moment is the only thing any of us actually possess anyway!)
  10. This point turns the full circle of what I said in the first two sentences that to truly love anyone else we must learn to love ourselves first because being socially connected physically is another essential in attaining perfect health.

If you cannot think that perfect health can be attained, then you are right but if you think that it can be, you are also right because whatever you believe is a fact in your life?

I am going to cover other specific topics in this small series of blogs, but I started it from this perspective of questioning your own self-beliefs because I am going to give you some facts that you will find hard to believe – as what you know is built on your assumptions of what is fact. As always, as to what you believe is your own choice?

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