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Some medical sources say that at least two-thirds of all surgery doesn’t need to happen! This is backed up by physical rehabilitation experts who say that that number of their clients who are waiting for surgery for physical ailments subsequently did not have it once they had been through a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Once they had adjusted their movement patterns and looked at other means to support the joints, full movement and the pain ceased.

These experts also said that they had to change most of their clients attitudes in that they would rather take anti-inflammatory drugs that only treat the symptoms and mask the real cause of joint pain. So let’s go through some ideas as to how you know what is causing joint pain –

If there is any long term joint pain and noise, it is your body telling you that it needs attention. There are two tests that you can do yourself to get an idea as to what is causing this problem with the joints of your lower limb –

Stand evenly with your  feet at about shoulder-width apart and squat down to a comfortable level. If the noise in your joints disappears after the first squat, this is OK. If the noise and there is pain after this, you have problems.

If there is pain and squatting is uncomfortable a more comfortable test to do is to lay on your back with your legs straight to start. Raise one leg at a time by bending it at your knee and pulling it up towards your chest. Pause, then move it back down to the starting position. If there is no pain in this instance, then the noise and discomfort is caused by an imbalance in the muscles surrounding the joints. If there still is pain, then the cause is more than likely, anthroscerosus or arthrosis (joint diseases that need a thorough check by a medical specialist).

So if the muscles aren’t working properly you need to realign them and you can gain the help of a rehabilitation specialist. There can be another reason for noise in the joints and it is because the fluid inside your joints is drying up. Things you can do, or should not do for self help –

Drink more water as most people are dehydrated and this can cause problems in your joints.

Do not run but walk instead by concentrating on moving with an even, fluid gaite.

If you have joint pain in any part of your body do not do isometric (static) exercises as these will tighten your joints.

Wear orthopedic shoes that have a heel height of between 2 – 4 centimeters.

Increase your flexibility and gain a balanced posture through exercises such as Yoga and Pilates.

Have gelitine often (jellied meats etc.) but don’t have a collagen supplement as most of it cannot be digested – so a waste of money?

Eat carrots and beetroot often to feed your joints.

Detoxify your liver (there are natural ways to do this without the side effects – check out a beetroot method on the Internet).

Added to these ideas, have a healthy diet that has no sugar or white flour in it and no processed foods. You should also be at a weight that is right for your body type.

Too many people have their body ‘fall apart’ as they age. This does not need to happen if you make an effort to take some measures to stay healthy and free moving?

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