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The fact that the body can heal itself has not been taken into account by modern medicine. In our ‘quick fix’ way of thinking these days, we want instant results and this plays havoc with our health as we don’t give our bodies a chance do what is natural. Our body replaces 99% of itself in a year after all? This is the case especially in dealing with the common colds and flus…

I had an interesting conversation with the young father of a three-year-old daughter recently who said that they drive across town to take her to a pediatrician letting nature do the curing rather than using antibiotics as a first defense with his young patients. The reason he takes this view is that antibiotic drugs have serious effects on the body’s immune system long term. He contends that the body needs to build up its own resistance to these illnesses so that it can cope with all viruses as children get older.

Tye result of this stance has been dramatic when you compare ht his child’s  first year of preschool and the last one. In her first year she spent a lot of time away from preschool recovering from various common illnesses where as in her second year she has not had one day at home. The father said that she has had two very mild colds as compared with her class mates, who have had the same pattern of numerous bouts of illnesses.

It has been contended from an increasing number of medical sources that modern medical practitioners greatly overprescribe all drugs – which, although is the accepted normal practice, is NOT NATURAL. The results being that there are an increasing number of ‘super viruses’ these days and these viruses have mutated to be able to resist antibiotics. This same scenario can be used in many other so called ‘modern illnesses’ as I have pointed out before.

If we look at the ‘alternate medical practices’ which in reality are just very old medicine – use natural methods of dealing with illnesses. The fact that these practices have been around for thousands of years may put people off from using them – but they work and without the many detrimental side effects that modern drugs have.

A lot of diseases can be dealt with naturally by selecting naturally-made foods and living a healthier lifestyle. I am not advocating giving up completely on modern medicine, because there have been some amazing technical advances recently. What I am very strongly advocating though is to take the responsibility for your own health and do your own research from several reputable sources when dealing with yours or your family’s health issues. Believe it or not, you do have choices to make. Please think of the long term effects of the choices you make though!

The solutions are very simple, and because of this fact, people think that they are too simple to work – but your choice here is as to whether you want to make the effort?

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