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So let’s define what ‘Alternative’ Medicine is? Firstly a better term would be Natural Medicine and this definition is far more accurate than the common term. They are medical practices that have been around for centuries but have only been re-looked at over the last 10 – 20 years or so in Western Cultures. The reason for this is that people have become disillusioned with the efforts of the drug-based modern medical practices to cure the many so called ‘modern’ diseases such as Heart Disease and Cancer.

There have been many great medical breakthroughs that have made certain surgeries to be more effective but the major differences with modern medicine and natural medicine is that the first treats the symptoms of diseases where one takes a more protracted approach of treating the cause of these diseases.

For an example of this may I go back to a statement I made about Cancer in an earlier blog in that it is merely a symptom rather than a disease in that the body is sending out a signal that something is wrong –  it is that the immune system is out of balance. The cure is getting the immune system to function properly again not to kill off the cancer cells and in doing so, killing off the body’s natural defense mechanism as well in disabling it?

Therefore, natural medicine uses the body’s own ability to cure itself. This is the basic key to understanding how natural medicine works.

So what type of medicine are we talking about that is natural? Acupressure is a well-known one and has been used by a number of Western Medical practitioners for more than 40 years now, but is thousands of years old. The success of its use is in the experience and total knowledge of the practitioner. It is one of a number of medical practices that uses the body’s natural energy fields to help cure a health problem.

Another simpler practice is using Acupressure points which can be learned by anyone to help with pain instead of using drugs to lessen pain. Most pain is caused by the biomechanical disjunctions of the body which can be cured by exercise therapies or the practice of Yoga to help realign mechanical imbalances. These practices are best taught by experienced and well-trained therapists because improper treatments can make these problems worse. The major point being made here is that these therapies work in that they cure the problem and without any harmful side effects that drug therapies have. (If this last point is hard to believe, read the ‘small print’ on over-the-counter drugs such as Asprin or other pain-killer drugs?)

Modern scientists are just re-discovering the power of our minds in curing many of the diseases affecting Western Cultures. They have uncovered scientific proof of how it works and that we have the ability within all of us to tap into our natural resources once we learn and practice the mechanisms of how to through meditation and creative visualization methods.

I have only touched on the subject of using natural therapies in this blog but only for the reason of opening people’s minds to alternative methods of curing our diseases. I will cover others in subsequent blogs.

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