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I wanted to give a basic workout that you can do at home with very minimal equipment, but covers the whole body with four exercises. At this time of the year it is apt to introduce this type of routine as you may not be able to get to the gym and with that extra eating and imbibing you may not have the will to complete your usual full program. I am also a firm believer that most people spend far too much time in the gym when these basic programs should suit 90% of gym goers?

The four exercises are a One Leg Squat; a Chin Up; a Press Up and an Abdominal exercise. These exercises can be done a Circuit Routine where you complete 3 – 4 circuits of between 7 – 12 repetitions for each exercise. The four movements cover the whole body and doing it in a circuit cuts down the time to get through the routine.

There are several variations of each type of exercise and for people who may not be able to do a chin up, there is an excellent alternative in a Reverse Row exercise. Below are some variations of each exercise and a short explanation of the basic movements –

  • Rouine One: One Leg Squat; Reverse Grip Chin Up; Press Up (chest to floor); Front Bridge (10 second hold)
  • Routine Two: Step Up; Press Up (hands on Medicine Balls); Alternate Grip Chin Up; Side Bridge (both sides and 10 second holds)
  • Routine Three: Pistol Squat (go to as low as is comfortable); Overgrasp Chin Up; Press Up (feet on Swiss Ball); Rotating Front/Side Bridges
  • Routine Four: Front or Side Lunge; Reverse Row; Plyo Press Up;  Stuart McGill Curl Up
  • Routine Five: Using a rotation of all four variations given (or any alternative you can think of) in all four movements.

As I said, there are many variations of these four basic movements and I have only given four examples of each here – variety is the spice of life, so let your imagination be your only limiting factor. If you don’t have a Chin Up bar that you can put up in a door frame (they are a comparatively cheap piece of equipment) you might have access to a bungee cord? If you don’t have medicine balls or a Swiss Ball you may have blocks of wood or you can use a chair?

  • One Leg Squat done with supported leg bent at the knee 90 degrees and upper leg behind. Keep upper body as upright as possible and try to touch your hands to the floor
  • Press Up keeping your body and legs in line and keep a rigid body. Your arms should bend until you touch your chest lightly on the floor and fully extend your arms at the top.
  • Chin Up: you should keep your body rigid and try to touch your chest to the bar at the top and fully extend your arms at the bottom.
  • With the Front and Side Bridges keep your body and legs in line. You can look up the correct way to do the Stuart McGill Curl Up on the Internet.

Keep things simple and enjoy your holidays!

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