Fitness Blog – Feel and Focus


These are two ideas that I haven’t seen a lot of over the years other than a mention of them in the old Soviet Block Sport Science material. I have covered developing the skill of ‘living in the moment’ before, but  will look at it from a different perspective.

These ideas really hold the key to long term compliance to making exercise a part of your life. Many people exercise because they think they have to as part of their health regime but this is not the wrong reason to exercise because it has the compulsion factor behind it. You can take the same perspective of why people choose the career they do – or any other choices they make in their lives. If you don’t have the passion for what you do, you won’t gain the same pleasure from it. No wonder so many people feel unfulfilled in their life?

So, if you don’t gain great pleasure from the mode of exercise you do, change it. You may have to explore different modes until you find your ideal exercise. Ask yourself ‘What exercise will I gain the most enjoyment out of?’…then do that. Some modes may not seem to be exercise at first glance but may fulfill your exercise needs. For example, dancing or hiking may seem like forms of pleasure at first, but herein lies the key to doing it?

As I said at the beginning of this post, I have covered the skill of ‘getting into your body’ using as many of your senses that you need to, before – but to get into this state of mind, you have to be able to focus. I have also said that you can do this through meditation but people attach meditation to the eastern ‘religions’ such as Budhism – but if you have studied this ‘way of thinking’ you will know it is simply a science of the mind. Even though it has the trappings of a form of religion because of its monks, nuns and monistaries, it is only as I say. So meditation is a form and a development of the skill of focus.

Being able to focus on a physical skill you want to perfect takes work. When we were young children we needed this focus to learn basic motor skills such as walking or picking up an object. As we get older we have to cut through the neurotic layers of thought to be able to learn new skills. (You can use the example of learning how to drive a car to see what I mean.) By the time we are teenagers our minds are so full of neurotic thought that become barriers to learning some basic skills of movement. Therefore learning to drive becomes a lot harder?

Meditation teaches us to become the observer of our neurotic thought patterns  and getting rid of distractiions so that we can concentrate on pure movement. To regress to the level of a young child is to learn the skill of focus.

I will cover learning the skill of meditation in greater detail in my next Health Blog.

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