Health Blog – Positive Aging – What about Cancer?


Cancer is not a disease but a symptom that your immune system is not functioning properly and the cause is either a toxic environment or the toxicity is internal.

So either alter your environment in some way if it is the cause by removing yourself from it if you can, or if possible, removing the toxic substance. Mostly though, the toxicity is internal and has either a physical cause or is psychological.

Firstly, a fact to understand: we all have cancer cells growing within our bodies all the time and from birth but usually the body’s immune system can cope with dealing with these.

If a physical cause to your immune system malfunctioning look to cutting out all proceeded foods, i.e. only eat raw foods and nothing interfered with by man. If you can afford it organic foods are best. Then look at what minerals your body is deficient in and add those to your daily food intake but you may need to take supplements. Also detoxify your liver through the purely natural means of taking small amounts of beetroot juice. To help your kidneys to work effectively, drink plenty of water.

The work of Doctors Gonzalez and Isaacs is a good place to start in using diet as a treatment of Cancer. They treat their patients through the Gerson principles of staying away from any drug therapy and use diets especially formulated depending upon the type of cancer the patient has and their body type.

I have only given a broad brush generalization of getting your immune system working efficiently as the size of this topic is beyond the scope of this blog. But a word of caution: you may have heard of the Ketogenic Diet helping in reducing the size of cancer growths, but there has been no evidence of its long term effectiveness in treating cancer?

The point I want to emphasize here is if you or a loved one has Cancer, do plenty of research into natural treatments. If deciding on using conventional medical means of either surgery and/or drug therapy, go to the Oncologist armed with plenty of questions as to the effectiveness of the therapies selected, the side effects and the other implications as to their use.

One of the top Oncologists in the world says that of his patients who are most successful at recovering completely from Cancer are the ones with a positive attitude. So, look to the work of Doctor Joe Dispenza who has found that there are ofour commonalities of the people who have gained complete remission from Cancer, if you want to correct a psychological reason for your immune system malfunctioning

  • They believed there was a part of their mind that was connected to a higher intelligence they had to learn to communicate with.
  • They aided whatever therapy they used by taking the ultimate responsibility for their own life.
  • They had to reinvent themselves and be a different person than what they had been originally.
  • That they had to learn new ways of thinking, i.e. they had to get away from their body controlling the way they thought through feelings and use clear, concise, logical, positive messages their subconscious mind could understand to change their reality.

Some people will find all this too hard to do, but the choice comes down to the individual?

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