Health Blog – Test for Cholesterol?


75% of people who have a Heart Attack have normal or low cholesterol! So does this mean that current levels of the test may not be low enough? After testing the cholesterol levels of thousands of people over many years I have come to the conclusion that it has been overemphasized when measuring the Cardiac Risk of people and that one should look at a person in their entirety in this measure. Firstly, let’s put things in perspective –

  • The leading cause of death in most of the developed countries is the Health System itself and that the medical care systems have lost perspective of their reasons for existence! They are controlled by the Big Pharmaceutical companies who create fear in the populations they are supposed to serve.
  • That understand the fact that if you chemically alter the physiology of a person you create a greater risk of them dying. i.e. If you give someone cholesterol lowering drugs you create a greater risk of them developing some cancers?
  • If you chemically lower a person’s cholesterol or do nothing if it is deemed ‘too high’ the death rate is exactly the same? This has been proven by an extensive study which tracked a population of men over 15 years (Helsinki Study).
  • What is the benefit of lowering cholesterol when we know for a fact that having a cholesterol that is too low has more health issues attached to it than if the cholesterol is too high? This is another medical fact that most of the average population does not understand!
  • That cholesterol is vital for many bodily functions and if we lower the levels it dramatically affects these functions and one of the side effects is to increase the chances of a person having dementia as they get older.
  • The average person over the age of 60 in America is taking 11 drugs per day and the majority of these drugs are taken because of the side effects of the original drugs that they have been prescribed. Even an everyday drug that you can purchase in a supermarket such as Asprin is the leading cause of kidney disease. So people need to be completely informed of what the side effects of the drugs they are taking. People also need to ask their medical practitioners the right questions and the choices they have before taking any medication.

So when I used to measure cholesterol in the population tested, we used a method that took the blood from the end of a finger. The blood used was from the veins rather than from the arteries as in an ordinary blood test taken in medical clinics – when there could be a huge difference in the scores obtained. But I told them this fact and that they needed to improve their lifestyle and demonstrated to a lot of them that it improved their score whether there was a question mark on its accuracy.

It always comes down to creating a more healthier lifestyle if you are concerned about a particular measurement (including cholesterol). Get several tests before making your decision upon medication and don’t be sucked in the fear trap’.

Don’t eat food that is man made; quit smoking if you do; exercise regularly; meditate every day to control stress…you know these things but therefore tell yourself every day that you are worth it! Worth the effort to make any changes you need to, to improve your health if you need to?

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