Health Blog – Positive Aging – Blood Pressure?


After taking thousands of blood pressure tests over many years I would like to put some things in perspective. I used blood pressure as part of a Cardiac Profiling system but I considered the system as only a vehicle for guidance in making better health choices. When measuring blood pressure you should take several factors into account –

  • That one test should not not counted as an accurate measure of someone’s blood pressure as it only measures the loading that that person has on their cardiovascular system at that particular time. There are many factors to take into account as to why a measurement may be considered to be outside the ‘normal’ range. These factors affect that loading. I will site one that is very prevalent in that some people have ‘white coat syndrome’ i.e. They get nervous when tested? Another factor is whether someone is already on blood pressure medication…
  • That ‘normal’ for one person may be not ‘normal’ for another and there needs to be several measures over a series of times to find what is normal. I site a test of a fit, ‘healthy’ young woman, who was not overweight and was not stressed at that time, whose measure was recorded at 180/120 (when normal for a young woman in her physical condition might be considered 110/60). After questioning her I found that her mother had been measured at a similar score, subsequently put on blood pressure medication – taken off it again when she kept on fainting – and it was deemed by her medical practitioner to be ‘normal’ to be that high!
  • That the blood pressure test is older than 100 years and may need revising? Also the score obtained is also dependent on several other factors than the ones already mentioned, i.e. The device used (whether it is electronic or manual and whether it has been tested for accuracy) and the experience of the tester. So the experience of the tester and the quality of the device used come into play.

If there are several blood pressure tests over a period of time and the measurements are considered high (this may indicate clogged arteries) then there are several natural things a person can do to lower it into an average range. These methods also don’t have the side effects that drug therapy does –

  • One obvious one is to stop smoking if they do and to ensure they live and work in a smoke-free environment.
  • If they are considered overweight to drop that weight to a level that is healthy for their individual body type.
  • That the diet they are on is ‘healthy’ i.e. One sure way to get someone’s blood pressure back into a normal range is to get them onto a vegetarian diet and this includes no sugar and no wheat (particularly white floor) and other processed foods.
  • They should also exercise regularly if they don’t. Whatever suits them, the mode is not as important as exercising most days.

One factor I skipped over – blood pressure drugs. Understand that it is a scientifically measured fact that the people who have high blood pressure and are taking blood pressure lowering medication are more likely to die of a heart attack than those who have high blood pressure and are not on these drugs?

Note: I have not given the finite ‘normal’ resting blood pressure reading because it is confusing…

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