Health Blog – Positive Aging – Time and Change


This is The Most important topic if you desire a fulfilling life.

As we age, time seems to shorten and the reason for this phenomenon is because our mind is rarely in the present (by being to the past or future). As I have pointed out before our way of thinking doesn’t change after about the age of 35, so our pattern of thought becomes automated  – therefore we have a very limited number of new thoughts unless we make an effort to educate ourselves continuously throughout our lifetime. This lack of mental growth has huge implications to our health!

This fact therefore, is very important when understanding the onset of age-related mental diseases such as  Alzheimer’s because this starts to have an affect when our brain function and mind stagnates. We feel comfortable existing within a patterned and habitual way of life and it takes a great deal of effort climbing out of this way of existence. This is why many people make the same mistakes over and over again, even if they know that they are doing it!

If you wish to make the effort of climbing out of this ‘just existing’ way of thinking you need to look at ways of changing within a changing world. So always look at opportunities to learn new ideas, but don’t accept these new ideas if they do not make sense to you. Although this rejection … or acceptance of new ideas only should come into affect after you have thoroughly studied these ideas. (Remember that it is easy to back to the status quo). This is important in that being properly informed about any subject – in this case your health – is paramount in creating the life that you desire. There are many instances where what we know as fact is not true. The influence of the media over the ways we think is immense, so never take what is said (and I include what I write) as fact. Question everything!

Another statement I have made before is that the body we have today will be 99% changed in a years time. So the more you challenge your mind the more your brain chemistry will change as a consequence. If there is one sentence within this blog I want you to give great thought about, it is this last one – so read it again as many times as you can until it is FULLY understood if you want to keep your full mental faculties throughout your life?

Another fact that I think that you should fully understand is that people who learn throughout their lives will be able to cope with ‘retirement’ as they see it as a time to expand their horizons  – retirement should be viewed as a word, not a destination?

Time expands if you learn to live more and more within the present moment. You learn to do this by moving away from habitual living, learning new ways of thinking and keeping an open mind to change?

Next Health Blog I want to start covering a series of topics that relate to Positive Aging.

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