Health Blog – Positive Aging 3

Senior couple on cycle ride in countryside

We are ‘time poor’ in our present, modern-day world and connected with the concept of rest and sleep in my last blog is the phenomenon of the ways we ‘fill up our day’. I’m not just not talking about general living but also time spent at work. How much of your time is spent in a productive mode? You need down time and I have made that clear in my last blog, but a lot of time is spent in our waking hours using our various electronic devices. Young people have grown up with cellphones and their myriad of functions which many older people don’t even think about!

Now don’t judge yourself, but ask yourself as to how often do you sit down in front of television or a computer in your time away from work to fill in time? You may be horrified if you decided to count the hours spent in this mode over a length of time…a day, a week a month or a year?

Please may I put forward an idea for you to think about? That time is one of the illusions when it is viewed as a measure and that time expands for you when you choose to become more present. I have said before that we spend most of our time thinking about the past or the future. Also that only 2 – 4% of your time you choose your thoughts and that 90% of your thoughts today will be the same as they were yesterday. So that the more time you spend in the present, the more time is opened up for you to be more creative.

Allied to this last point, Facebook and other forms of social media are a great way to communicate with people from a distance. Our world has shrunk considerably over the last 10 years or so because of this but these ways of communicating should be used as a tool and not a way of life if you wish to create and grow as a person. The main reason I use this mode of communication through a webpage and twice-weekly blogs is that it not only helps me communicate ideas but helps me grow as a person. I am not saying that I don’t have some ‘fill in’ time because life is always a process in progress. But I also need to look for opportunities to communicate with other people in person because this is the most effective way of communication with someone else. Experts say that the younger generation has lost the skills to communicate and read non-verbal ways of communicating. These non-verball ways of communication convey far more meaning to the words spoken and most modes of electronic communication do not give people these opportunities?

So, generate more time by being more present during your days and a simple way of doing this is to ask yourself the question of whether you are present and far more opportunities will open up to you to have a far more fulfilling life if that is what you want? As always, it is your choice.



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