Health Blog – Positive Aging – Part 2


In this second part of positive aging I cover some more ideas that will help you how to improve your health, no matter what age or current physical condition you are in at present.

  • Saying that you want better health is not enough! Define exactly what you mean – after all, vague goals will give you vague results… Use positive emotion when you picture yourself in perfect health. Use all your senses because wanting better health is only a wish – so don’t let your intention be ‘I want to feel good’ or ‘ I want to look good’, but have definite ideas of what you desire. For example, you need to have a certain clothes size; waist size; weight (if you think it’s necessary) in mind. Imagine what it would feel like or what people would be saying to you when you attain your physical goals. Also imagine what it would be like that you have plenty of energy or wake up every morning feeling that you can do anything you want to do and cope with anything that comes at you during your day. Feelings are what you need, not just pictures.
  • It has been proven scientifically, beyond any doubt, that very few diseases have a genetic cause and that it is your environment anb/or your mental state that switches on or off genes that cause illnesses. You are in control of your health status and that you are the only one to take responsibility for that. The so called ‘modern diseases’ such as heart disease or cancer may have a familial pattern to them, but this is due to their similar lifestyle and learned negative mental states. Eating and exercise habits, smoking and high stress levels are habits of learned social patterns and may be ‘normal’ but not natural. A fact that you may not know  – our total genetic make up only covers a very small percentage of our physical and physiological functions, so it is certain combinations of genes that have cause and affect in any of our functions or disfunctions…
  • The exercise you choose is dependent upon your energy levels, your interests and your physical activity levels during a normal day. Movement is a natural bodily function. As long as you move in natural patterns that involve the whole body and you enjoy doing them you will continue moving throughout your life. I leave the specifics of this concept to my fitness blogs.
  • An interesting concept that not many people have looked at until now is that most of us talk ourselves into old age! Just look at the people who are very active physically and mentally in their 80’s or even over 100 years of age – age is not an excuse for physical or mental feebleness! Remember that you think your world into existence so you get what you expect. I am not advocating that you ‘fight’ old age because that may cause you more ‘stress’ on top of the stress you may be coping with already. What I mean is that you accept what happens as you age but don’t expect it. This is the crucial difference in mindset. Expectations cause results, whether positive or negative. Your view is your choice.

In the next part of this Positive Aging blog I want to cover how stress and a lack of enough sleep and rest affect the aging processes.

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