Health blog – Questions you should ask of yourself


I am going to write about something that I have touched on in past articles but I feel it is necessary to explore again because I think it is the MOST important aspect of health.

FIrstly, I would like to relate a very short account of a movie we have just watched entitled ‘The Bridge of Spies’. It stars Tom Hanks and is about the capture, convinction and subsequent exchange of a Russian spy in the United States during the Cold War. Tom Hanks plays the lawyer involved throughout and the transfer is made in Berlin at the time when they were building the wall that separated East and West Berlin. The point I want to make here is that when the lawyer (Hanks) asks the Russian spy several times in this story (based on fact) as to why he wasn’t perturbed about his situation which could ultimately result in his death, the  answer from the Russian spy was always the same, ‘would it help?’

The message is that we tend to worry about past or future events that we have no control over and this has a very negative effect on our health. I think that this is an understatement. In the research I did over many years in Cardiac Risk Profiling I would state that a person’s health status is a direct reflection of their attitude more than any other factor. Psychologists have measured that 70% of our thoughts during a normal day are negative and even with ‘positive thinkers’ that statistic is not much better!

About 1 in 1000 of us think differently. They think in the Satori way. They think in the present mostly. All of us thought this way when we were young children and we occasionally think this way as adults – but as we grow we get the Satori way of thinking conditioned out of us. Please take a moment to ask yourself several questions and try hard not to let your Egotic mind (the part that always thinks either in the past or future) answer them… So think in feelings, not thoughts…

  • If you have a concern at the moment would it help to resolve the situation to worry about it? The only thing any of us possess is this present moment and this is where our future lies – this is the time when we can take the action, or no action that alters that future…
  • Do you worry about the mistakes that you have made in the past? We have no influence over our past mistakes and the only time we may revisit them is as lessons learnt not to repeat in the present or future. You should do this without any negative emotion involved because is a waste of creative energy.
  • Do you worry about your future? When we can only influence our future now…
  • Do you think yourself as a negative thinker? But this is ‘normal’ behavior for most of the population – but, it’s not ‘natural’. Animals don’t think negatively and nor do young children. Just because the majority of the population think this negative way doesn’t make it right?
  • Do you think that the way things are in the world right now is healthy? The only sure way that you can improve things on the planet right now if you had a negative answer to that question is to start changing your way of thinking to the positive as our state of mind is the only thing we have control of. To start this process practice the skill of observing all thought. But your Egotic mind is saying to you right now ‘but that takes work?’

Foot Note: I am not trying to be ‘The Orical’ here…this is part of my own journey of understanding…

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