Fitness Blog – Program Selection


This is is an interesting idea to me because a lot of people don’t look as though they are enjoying themselves exercising. So after working in the health and fitness industry for over 40 years, I would like to make several recommendations to you –

  • Do something that you enjoy and that seems to fit to your personality and body type. Now, you can change your body shape considerably and personality is as individual as body type but if you are in touch with your intuitive mind, you will know that what you are doing feels right to you. It feels good and it is easy for you to do. This idea could take a whole chapter of a book, so, other than putting this idea forward, please give some thought to this.
  • Allied to the idea above, and as I have stated before, have a definite idea what you want out of your exercise program. This is easy for those who exercise to increase their level of condition for a specific sport, but for those who exercise to improve general health etc. it is a lot harder to have a clear idea and defined goals.   Remember that vague ideas will produce vague results. To help with this, write your goals down; be specific and don’t concern yourself that your goals may – and will change!
  • Understand what each mode of exercise will do for you. Then go back to your reasons for exercising and make sure they match up. Do a bit of research on this because will help you define your goals if you have vague ideas.
  • Know the limitations you start with. These limitations should disappear in time and if you chose the right program. If it is health issues you start with, get a doctors check before you start. If the doctor is vague in his/her opinions, get a second opinion.
  • If you are injured, and can’t do your primary mode of exercise, you can work around it by trying alternatives. For example, if you run and have knee or foot problems, try swimming, biking or both. If you do resistance exercises and have a lower body injury, you still can work your upper body and vice versa.
  • If you exercise for a specific sport, ensure that you work on your base condition in your off season. As you get closer to your competitive season work on exercises that closely resemble the movement patterns and work the predominent energy systems of your sport. Look to develop high intensity condition if your sport requires a lot of movement.

I go back to the my original statement of gaining pleasure in what you do. You will do it for longer – even a lifetime – if you do.


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