Health Blog – Five Practical Ideas to Improve Your Health


I know that some of the ideas in my blogs will take some thinking to understand. The comment was made to clear practical ideas to improve health, so here they are –

  1. Think positively. Positive thinkers live on average seven and a half years longer than negative thinkers, and enjoy the journey more. I have a question for you. Can you think of something that has given you great pleasure in your life and hold that thought for more than 15 seconds? If you can’t, you haven’t got control of your mind, so practice this until you do. I have another question. How many times in a day do you complain of someone or some situation? Negativity breeds negativity. Spend a day observing your negative thoughts and count them. This makes you more aware of your negative thoughts, which don’t help your health status.
  2. Stay away from highly processed foods. Now, I have said this before but the ones I particularly mean here are sugar and highly refined flour. We have known how addictive these foods are for years, but do  little about cutting them completely out of diets. The reason is because that they are highly addictive – as highly addictive as hard drugs like cocaine or heroine – this is a scientific fact, but one that is not pushed home because the food companies thrive on selling their products and because they are an everyday item! You can measure your susceptibility to addiction of these foods on the Internet.
  3. Learn effective ways of dealing with stress. Understand clearly that stress can kill you and it is a LEARNED skill – a state of mind and a habit that you can learn to control by learning positive skills such as effective meditation methods that suit your personality. This could be a walking meditation as I have mentioned before. Learn to know yourself. Don’t judge yourself and accept where you are at present. Read Elkhart Tolle’s “Practicing the Power of Now”.
  4. Learn to sleep properly. This is essential if you want to improve your health. As I have also stated before, more sleep is lost by worrying about not getting enough sleep, so learn a systematic way of preparing yourself for sleep. Give yourself some space between watching television or if you work on the computer at night by either reading or doing a short meditation that relaxes you.
  5. Move. If you don’t  have a manually active job, try to get some exercise into most of your days. It doesn’t have to be something formal if you are time-deficient (which is another subject) but it could be some time spent working manually around the house or a walk.We spend far too long in a seated posture , so the exercise program could be a short Yoga session. Whatever suits you at this moment in time.

I have only touched on these subjects and the practical ideas can be done as a matter of choice – like everything in life?

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