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If our intention is to improve our health we must learn to step out of our story and into times of ‘Silent Mind’. This status of mind gives us the space to just feel, rather than think. It also gives us the control of the Egotic part of our mind that controls us, rather than us controlling it.

If you ask the question as to why we need to do this, it is because this superficial way of thinking relies on emotion and conditional thought in making certain decisions we need to make in life – and this can be negative and quite destructive at times. Examples of this way of thinking can be seen clearly in the various problems our world faces today.

Our Egotic Mind gives us no space to reach a state of consciousness and the creative part of our mind is not fully engaged there. We live in a screen of conditioned thought – a conditioned reality which often tortures us with feelings of guilt; hate; hopelessness and other negative emotions…

There are simple methods to learn to attain ‘Silent Mind’ and by stepping outside of thought you just need to step inside of your body. Below I have listed a couple of ideas to help you do this –

  • sit quietly and concentrate on your breath going in and out of your body through your nose. You don’t have to shut your eyes, but it is best to sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for what ever time you want to practice this skill. Feel your breath filling your lungs and distending your belly slightly. Don’t force any specific way of breathing – just breathe naturally and observe it. When you see that thoughts intrude on your concentration on the breath, gently direct your concentration back to breathing without judging yourself for your lack of concentration. After a time, expand your concentration to the rest of your body – how it feels in the sitting posture and any sensations that you may have. Just observe and delight in being alive. By this simple method, you slow down thought until you can just exist within the stillness. This is where the truly creative part of your mind is and can be fully engaged.
  • learn the skill of stepping out of and into thought at will and at any time. This skill gives you a feeling of spacious presence – and gives a far greater degree of control of what is happening around you, rather than letting thoughts cloud or vision. You are therefore fully present.
  • walking meditation is another excellent way of controlling thought, particularly if you are a person who feels uncomfortable when sitting still. You can do this if you enjoy running as a mode of exercise too. By just concentrating on what is happening inside your body while remaining fully present will give you this skill. Some people use walking as a time to think – but if you truly want to relax and gain control of thought, learn to step into ‘no thought’ by fully engaging your mind into what you are doing?

Learning these skills will help you controlling your mind and slow down time. They will help you change reality to where you are no longer in a hurry and give you a far greater sense of the inner peace you probably crave for at times?

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