Health Blog – If you keep on doing what you are doing – you keep on getting what you are getting


Your world is what you think it is…

We all live within a story and more often than not, the story is an illusion that goes around in seemingly never-ending circles and is controlled by the Ego part of our minds. We don’t have control of this part of our minds because it is controlled by our survival instincts and is also driven by our underlying beliefs (paradigms) through what we are taught and our experiences. Although this is important for our very existence, this way of thinking holds us back from reaching our full potential.

We don’t like change. Change makes us feel uncomfortable and we fear it, but if we want to make any improvements in life, we have to learn to embrace change. Even though we may try to make changes in our lives for the better, we usually fall back into our old habits. We are taught many things in our lives, but very rarely is someone taught how to think. If you want to improve your way of existence – your life in any way – you have to change the way you think.

To change the way you think, you have to change your faulty paradigms. The easiest way to do this is to reach your unconscious mind – to reach your instinctual way of thinking. There are three skills I you need to practice to change your faulty thought patterns –

  • you need to learn to stop the voice that controls you story. There is a simple way to live in absolute silence on demand when you need to regain control of your story if you choose to.
  • you need to learn to change your separatist way of thinking and reconnect with everyone and everything in the world that surrounds you. This is the only way to perfect physical and mental health.
  • you must live your knowledge because knowledge is worth absolutely nothing to you unless it is part of you.

LIke every other skill you have developed in life, these three skills of thought will take practice. They will make you feel uncomfortable at times – because they require you to look inside yourself and observe your thoughts.

These three skills require far more in-depth explanation, which I will cover in subsequent blogs.

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